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    New Things in New York

    Thursday night I boarded the smallest plane I have ever been on (seriously, my head touched the ceiling) and headed to the big apple. Dallas and I spent the weekend in New York with our favorite couple, Nomi & Tavin. We landed around 9 pm and instantly felt the energy that this city has to offer. After we got settled in at the hotel we grabbed a slice of the famous new york pizza to-go and made our way to Times Square. We went to a few shops and people watched until we decided it was time to head back and get some rest before the big day ahead. Friday…

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    New to Niagara

    Whenever I come to New York, it's always to see the Big Apple. Manhattan has always had my heart, but now that I have went enough times to just about know what I could, I felt it was necessary to see the rest of what this gorgeous state had to offer. Dallas' family was having a reunion in upstate New York and I decided to tag along to see what adventures I could get myself into…

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    Bad Baches in Mexico

    Last week, me and seven other ladies got to take a trip to Mexico to celebrate our besties bachelorette party!  I (somehow) managed to get all my things into a carryon and took two planes to Cancún! From there, we rode a ferry (that was made by Ferrari, no biggie) to an island that is only 12 miles long called…

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    Denmark & Future Travels

    I can't help but reminisce on my Denmark trip while I start thinking about all the places I want to go this year. Two years ago, I went to Denmark on a study abroad trip with an International Health & Neuroscience class at the College of Charleston. It was my first time out of the country and I had no idea what I was doing or what to even think about it. I was trying to keep up with the rest of the group, running in Paris' airport trying not to miss our flight (like the family in Home Alone), when I thought "I love this".

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    New England: a Winter Wonderland

    Every winter season, Dallas and I make a trip up to New Hampshire to visit his family. I always enjoy seeing the snow, the mountains, and being in the cold weather. It is the perfect example of a winter wonderland. All of the farm houses and fields covered with a blanket of snow is such a sight to see. It is so relaxing to...