New Things in New York

Thursday night I boarded the smallest plane I have ever been on (seriously, my head touched the ceiling) and headed to the big apple. Dallas and I spent the weekend in New York with our favorite couple, Nomi & Tavin.

We landed around 9 pm and instantly felt the energy that this city has to offer. After we got settled in at the hotel we grabbed a slice of the famous new york pizza to-go and made our way to Times Square. We went to a few shops and people watched until we decided it was time to head back and get some rest before the big day ahead.

Friday morning we woke up at 5 to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge for sunrise. I have been on the Brooklyn Bridge many times, but this time it was different. There was a calmness to it like no other time before. The bridge this early has no one but a few runners getting in an early workout, so it’s just you, the rising sun, and the water below, followed by the bite of the cold air and the city skyline. The Brooklyn Bridge has got to be the best place to be for sunrise in the entire city. There’s nothing quite like the way the oranges and pinks of the sun hit the reflection of the city skyline. Having the bridge to yourself is so peaceful and breathtaking (plus it makes for a great time to take pictures). Dallas and I took a few “engagement” shots on the bridge and I LOVE how they came out (thanks noms). You’ll see one on our “Save the Date” later in the year (:

After watching the sunrise, we popped into the nearest Starbucks and grabbed a hot coffee (caramel brulee latte + two extra shots to be exact) to warm up before heading back out to find a little hole in the wall that we got bacon egg & cheese bagels from for a quick breakfast on our way back into midtown.

We stopped in Soho to shop for the rest of the afternoon. We even saw a vintage pop-up shop that was AMAZING. This was in a market where local artists and designers sold their vintage finds and jewelry that they made. After an afternoon full of shopping and grabbing a quick bite of ice cream as a treat, we stopped by the flat-iron building on the way back to the hotel. This was different for me because after all the times I’ve been to New York, the flat-iron building is one I have never seen. For dinner, we stopped at my all time favorite pizza place in Times Square, John’s pizza. We indulged in some hot wings, garlic knots, and two big pizzas; which was quickly eaten with none to take back to the room after walking our 9.5 miles of the day.

After finally getting some rest, we woke up Saturday morning, grabbed lunch and went to Brooklyn where we spent most of the daylight walking around Dumbo. This is also another first for me and I have to say it was my favorite part of the trip. Dumbo had lots of dogs, lots of coffee, lots of cobblestone streets, and lots of amazing views. We got up on a rooftop to see the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge against the New York skyline and it was GORGEOUS.

We later went back into the city for dinner and shopping. We ate at Bill’s Bar & Burger right by the Rockefeller Center so we could see the Christmas tree afterward! The tree is something I always enjoy seeing, as well as the light show at Saks. We walked back to our hotel to wind down before having to get up at 4 for our flight home the next morning. We walked a total of 10 miles that day, making that a total of around 20 miles within the past two days there! I guess that makes up for all the pizza we ate!

We spent most of the trip walking around seeing spots of New York that I had never seen before, shopping, and eating pizza. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. New York is always such a fun place to go, especially when you go with people you love. The cold weather and the crowds are always worth seeing all of the lights and decor during the Christmas season. Visiting the city this time of the year always gets me into the Christmas spirit and makes me excited for the holidays. Even though it was a short weekend, I’m so glad we got to go and I cannot wait until we get to step onto those streets once again.


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