New to Niagara

Whenever I come to New York, it’s always to see the Big Apple. Manhattan has always had my heart, but now that I have went enough times to just about know what I could, I felt it was necessary to see the rest of what this gorgeous state had to offer. Dallas’ family was having a reunion in upstate New York and I decided to tag along to see what adventures I could get myself into. After an 11 hour drive and a 4 hour rest stop for sleep, we made it to Niagara Falls. There is just something about the falls that captured my heart. It could have been the view of Canada, the seagulls fluttering around you, the sound of the water crashing 200 feet below you, or the light mist that hits your face with every crash of water. We went on the Maid of the Mist boat ride that takes you to the bottom of horseshoe falls and back and I have never seen anything like it in my life. In front of each of the two falls, there were rainbows with the boldest of colors. You could almost reach out and grab the rainbows while you were getting soaked by water coming off the rocks at the bottom of the falls.

We got a hotel at the falls that night after walking around the town and getting the yummiest burgers and fries (my fav cheat meal) for dinner. It was basically New York’s version of Five Guys, so I was happy. We walked to the falls to see the lights they had shining on the water. To finish off the night, we watched the fireworks that they from the bottom of the falls every night. It was surely something I’ll remember forever, there’s nothing like fireworks in Niagara Falls with the skyline of Canada in the background, all from the comfort of your hotel room.

After breakfast the next morning, we did my favorite vacation activity: shopping. There were outlets not far from our hotel that we went to before we headed out to go the reunion. On the way out we had NY style pizza and of course I couldn’t leave without getting cannoli’s to go.

The rest of the weekend we spent time catching up with his family over hotdogs and smores over a fire and it couldn’t have been more relaxing. It’s always so good to see his family from up North and I cannot wait until we are in NH in a few weeks to visit with them some more.

This trip gave me the break I needed from real life and I couldn’t be more thankful. But for now, back to school and work until I get to the beautiful New England in August!

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