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Bad Baches in Mexico

Last week, me and seven other ladies got to take a trip to Mexico to celebrate our besties bachelorette party!  I (somehow) managed to get all my things into a carryon and took two planes to Cancún! From there, we rode a ferry (that was made by Ferrari, no biggie) to an island that is only 12 miles long called Isla Mujeres. We rented two golf carts for the week to ride the island. I turned to my left and saw boats and the clear blue ocean, while on my right were the huge beach front houses that were facing the other side of the ocean. Being surrounded completely by water might freak me out a little but it was so beautiful! We managed to get out before a tropical storm hit and we could tell it was coming by the size of the waves on our last few days there.

We stayed at Casa Ixchel hotel where they had a beautiful pool with an even more beautiful view. We spent our first day lounging in the sun on the day beds on the deck of the hotel. The rest of the trip we beach hopped and explored the island. We ate at the same restaurant for almost every meal because it had such a variety, great wifi, and was so cheap! The exchange rate in Isla Mujeres was $17 pesos for $1 US dollar! On our last day, we visited an all inclusive resort where you just paid for an all day pass and got endless drinks and food as well as being able to enjoy the clear blue water that the resort sat on. The resort had a tide pool named Kings Bath that was made by the waves coming into a circle of rocks that were on the beach! Due to the storm that was coming in and the large waves and strong tide, the pool was closed but we managed to get in and take a few pictures! The pool was unbelievable with many different types of tropical fish swimming along the bottom.

We are now counting down the days that Nomi becomes a Pratt. It feels like it was just yesterday that she got engaged the day before Christmas. Now it is the week of the wedding and wedding festivities are in full force. Nails, waxes, facials, and hair; i’m soaking in every second of it before this weekend flies by and Dallas and I get to witness our best friends getting married. We could not be happier for both Nomi and Tavin and the time is finally here! Cheers to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Pratt!

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