Ciao Charleston, Greetings Greenville!

As you may have seen on my social media, Dallas and I moved from Charleston back to Greenville this weekend! We have been busy seeing everyone and trying to unpack as well as trying to catch a break every so often! Dall and I both have been nonstop going and packing for the past few weeks trying to prepare for this move and now here we are! It is so bittersweet that Dallas and I are leaving Charleston after three years of crazy adventures there. Three years is not enough time to live in Charleston with all the awesome food spots and other things that you have to see and do. There are still items on my “Charleston must-see” list but they will have to wait for another time that we are there. Charleston is only a three-hour drive away so who says we won’t make a weekend trip down every so often! Although the great food in Charleston has probably made me gain fifteen pounds, I will miss this great city full of great people and I cannot wait to come back. Who knows, we might end up in Charleston again someday!

We are so excited to be home surrounded by our loving friends and family after being gone for what feels like a decade but also only a week at the same time. Moving back to Greenville will open so many doors for us and we are so excited to see the next adventure that life takes us on together. Life with Dall is so fun and I am excited to see how Greenville will change us for the better!

As I continue to try and unpack everything that I own and try to settle back in at home, I have to begin packing again in a few days because I LEAVE FOR MEXICO ON SATURDAY!!!!! I’m so stoked for a few reasons:

  1. I will be surrounded by an amazing group of girls
  2. I get a break from reality before craziness really begins with summer classes starting
  3. I haven’t traveled in a while and ya girl is itching to get on a plane and get the heck outta here
  4. I’m so ready to have a vacation where I can actually relax!!!!!!!

Pray that we have safe travels on this trip as we celebrate my bestie for her wedding and expect some blog posts from the trip!

Thanks to Stag & Sparrow Photography for capturing our love in one of the cities that we love before we moved! I will always cherish these pictures and the years we spent in Charleston!

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