The Best Brunch in Charleston

There is nothing better than brunch on a sunny morning here in Charleston! I love throwing on a sun dress, flats, and my favorite handbag, and going out for a mimosa! One of my favorite things recently has been brunch and the Spring weather! There are so many good places in Charleston to grab brunch, I am determined to try them all with what time I have left here. I know Dallas and I don’t want to settle down in Charleston, so knowing we won’t be here forever has made me want to go out and do a “Charleston-esque” thing once every week or so! There are so many good food places here so to knock a few off my list my girlfriends and I have been doing brunch to get the weekends started. Brunch is such a fun way to spend time with your girls and it gives you the rest of the day to go shopping, get your nails done, or go back home and lay out by the pool after stuffing your face with waffles and mimosas (my fave!).

When one of my besties was in town visiting we went to Miller’s All Day before walking a few blocks of Broad Street. It is a new bakery/bar that just opened up on Lower King Street! They serve breakfast and sandwiches, all day as well as drinks and pastries! I just had to get a mimosa, waffles (that come covered in caramel and meringue), and a side of salty bacon (THE BEST)! They have a bar in the back for late night breakfast goers as well as a coffee and pastry bar for the early risers!

The brunch spots in Charleston are some of the best! Maybe I’ll do a roundup for you guys on some of my favorite places to go for a good mimosa and waffles. If you’re in town and looking for a great place to go, definetely go to Millers! I do recommend calling ahead and seeing how long the wait is because everyone in town loves it!


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