A Look Through the Past 3 Years

Hello friends, it’s been a while! Now that my finals are over for my current classes, I am back to blogging!

Last week Dallas and I celebrated our three year anniversary! Not super long, I know, but for us, it has felt like a lifetime! He first asked me out with a heart-shaped pizza and some hockey tickets and that’s how I knew he was the one. From day one he knew the way to my heart: pizza! Not much has changed other than us cheating on our diets together to grab a slice (or five) of our favorite (pepperoni and extra cheese) pizza! We have shared tons of memories and laughs together and I can’t wait for many more. Here is a look at our relationship through the years.


Fun fact: I had mono when I asked Dallas to prom (he had already graduated) and used hockey to get him on board! We went to New York that December and made it up to New Hampshire twice that year!


January 1st we got to attend the Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium in Boston and got to watch the Bruins play! This is the same stadium we got to see Taylor Swift during our Summer trip to New Hampshire!

In June we got our sweet Italian Greyhound Basil! I will write a blog on his story soon!


What a year! Basil broke his leg, I turned 20, and went to the Virgin Islands with some great friends of ours (super stoked for their wedding in June that Dallas and I get the privilege of standing in!) and had a early birthday celebration! See more of this trip here!


3 years later and it is still hard to get Dallas in front of the camera. He is my trusty photog for my blog in case you guys didn’t know! I’m so thankful for him and all the support he has given me!

Love ya bunches D! Can’t wait to see what the years bring us!

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