New England: a Winter Wonderland

Every winter season, Dallas and I make a trip up to New Hampshire to visit his family. I always enjoy seeing the snow, the mountains, and being in the cold weather. It is the perfect example of a winter wonderland. All of the farm houses and fields covered with a blanket of snow is such a sight to see. It is so relaxing to sit by the wood stove in the house with snow falling outside, a cup of coffee in hand, and no agenda. After a few days of relaxing, we will usually make a trip into Boston to shop, but the wind chill was -12 degrees, so we decided to drive into Maine for some indoor shopping and some of Bob’s famous clam chowder.

New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Gibbet Hill Grill is a restaurant in Groton, Massachusetts that was about thirty minutes away from where Dallas’ grandparents live! It is a beautiful farm-to-table restaurant and the food is delicious! I got the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin for dinner and a peppermint chocolate trifle for dessert!

Kittery, Maine

In Kittery, Maine, we always make a stop into the Kittery Trading Post and the Kittery outlets for some shopping, then grab dinner at Bob’s Clam Hut! The clam chowder and fried clams are our favorite!

Towards the end of the trip, we got a chance to go eat with Dallas’ best friend Michael and his sister Sam! Sam and I became friends after we both started our blogs! I’m so happy that the blogging world opens doors to friendships like these. She’s so kind-hearted and we have a lot more in common than I thought! If you have the chance, check out Samantha’s blog here!

We had so much fun catching up with friends and family! I cannot wait until we get to take another trip up to New England; a winter wonderland.


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