2017: Favorite Moments

2017 is already over?? What a blur! Many lessons were learned, as well as challenges faced. The most important lesson I learned over this year was that God works in HIS time and that patience is a virtue! Patience has always been a tough one for me to learn. I have grown in so many ways over this past year. Although 2017 has had some set backs (including Basil breaking his leg) it has taught me many things.

I also wanted to say thank you all for the support and encouragement from the very beginning of starting this journey! Thank you for following along on this adventure of starting Dior & Doughnuts! What a crazy year it has been! Goodbye 2017, it’s been great!

Favorite Moments of 2017:

The Virgin Islands

  1. In March, me, Dallas, and some of our best friends (who are getting married in 2018!!!!) took a trip to the Virgin Islands. I usually don’t take trips to tropical places, but this trip was so much fun and the islands were breathtaking! We stayed on Cinnamon Bay in St. John and it was beautiful!

 Blue Ridge Parkway

2.    I love road trips! One of my favorite things to do is jump in the car and start driving towards the mountains. Whenever I visit Greenville, going to the mountains is something that I must do. Some of my favorite memories have happened along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There’s just something about the mountains…

New York

3. New York is always a good idea! This city always inspires me to reach for my goals and to never give up. The skyline and all of the lights surrounding are breathtaking. I’ve gotten to the point where I know my way around the city and acted as a tour guide for my mom during our trip over Thanksgiving! View more of my trip to New York here!

New Hampshire

4. Some of Dallas’ family lives in New Hampshire, so we try to make a trip up once or twice a year. We flew up after Christmas and a foot of snow was already waiting on us! All of the farm houses and open fields are gorgeous covered in a blanket of snow! More on our trip to New Hampshire coming soon!

Hello 2018!

I’m excited to see what this year brings for Dior & Doughnuts! There will be many memories made and fun trips planned! There are two weddings that are important to Dallas and I coming up, so its already a good start to the year!

Is there anything that you hope to check off your bucket list in the new year? Give me some ideas in the comments!


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