Christmas Cookies and a Holiday 10 Things

One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is to decorate cookies…then eat them! My favorite is sugar cookies (with lots of icing) and peanut butter cookies with a little Hershey kiss in the middle. We also made some monkey bread in a muffin tin so they were the perfect snack size!

I got this recipe off of Pinterest and the cookies turned out great!

10 Things:

  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love giving gifts and making sure its something unique to the person i’m giving it to!
  2. I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving! Tree, ornaments, and stockings! It makes me so excited and makes it feel like Christmas even though the weather doesn’t (and won’t for a long time in Charleston).
  3. Every year, we put a stocking up for Basil (my Italian Greyhound) and he gets lots of new toys and a new bed…he’s spoiled.
  4. On Christmas day, Dallas (my boyfriend) and I are flying up to New Hampshire to spend some time with his family and I am so so so excited! New Hampshire is so beautiful and we always make a trip to Boston!
  5.  It is supposed to be 70 degrees in Charleston on Christmas! Boy am I glad i’m not there for the holidays. I cannot stand the warm weather considering it’s almost January! Insane! I get to escape to much colder weather. The high in New Hampshire is 30 on Christmas Day, then the rest of the week it will be no higher than 17 (brr..)! Maybe i’ll get a white Christmas and that makes me so happy ((:
  6. Dallas and I have, yet again, finished another series on Netflix. Our favorites have been Blacklist and How I Met Your Mother. If anyone has suggestions on what to watch please comment and let me know!
  7. I am super excited to spend a week in Greenville after New Years to catch up with everyone! There are so many people I have to see that it seems that I can never see who I need to see!
  8. I still get my hair cut in Greenville (because I trust no one else, and its crazy expensive in Charleston) and I will be doing that before I come back home! I absolutely love the people I go to and they always do an amazing job! I go to Parlour & Blade in Greer for all of you people reading from Greenville. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a hair cut.

10. One of my very best friends, Raegan, spent the semester abroad in Spain! She traveled to lots of different places during her time abroad. With both of our schedules being so crazy, we exchanged gifts early and look at what she brought back for me! I absolutely adore each of these and love hearing the unique story about every piece! She brought me macaron’s from Paris, Earl Grey tea from London, Limoncello from Italy (in a super cute bottle which makes it even better), a giraffe and a handbag from Spain, and my favorite: postcards from each place she visited!

Merry Christmas!!


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