Holiday Gift Guide

Goodbye Thanksgiving, hello Christmas! Am I the only one who finds myself running around in circles trying to find presents for everyone? I never know what to get anyone! Gift guides always help me get my thoughts together so hopefully, this will help you too! Check out my top picks below! If you have any gift suggestions for me, feel free to leave a comment!

FOR HIM: 1/2/3

To be honest, guys are some of the hardest people to shop for. They never admit to wanting anything, and if they do it’s something crazy! I always end up getting a wallet, cologne, a watch, or a Best Buy gift card to satisfy whatever tech needs he might have! Here are some of my top picks for that man in your life that won’t admit to what he really wants.

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 3 3

FOR HER: 1/2/3

Girls can also be hard to buy for, but i’m sure just about anything from Sephora (including a gift card) will pass her expectations. Here are a few things that would hopefully work for that sister, girlfriend, or best friend, in your life.


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